It Says Here … Depression Articles from Around the Web – 15 August 2011

by Martin

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If you are tired of looking at yourself for answers about what to read on the subject of depression, delve into my weekly review of depression articles from around the web and see if you like the look of anything here.

As ever, I don’t necessarily agree with or endorse what you’ll find in these pieces, but I do think they’re worth a read.

First is a piece from BeliefNet, which has a christian/spiritual take on the subject of depression. As a confirmed atheist, that is certainly not where I would approach the subject from, but it’s interesting to see this perspective. This piece – Are the Puritans Behind the War on Antidepressants? – is looking to blame a kind of new puritanism for the current wave of criticism of anti-depression medication.

Now, that’s not the explanation I’d give. My view is that it may just be that anti-depressants are not as good as they are cracked up to be. That is the thrust of this post, which deals with the recent research showing that, for many people, anti-depression medication may not actually work any better than if they had been given a placebo. Nevertheless, the Puritan piece is worth checking out, especially as the comments seem to polarize broadly between those who feel that the meds have done it for them and those who don’t.

By the way, while we’re on this topic, I have an interview that I will be publishing soon with the leading researcher behind one of the studies featured in the anti-depression medication post.

Next up is Madam Bipolar’s great post on what not to say to a person with depression. This pretty much speaks for itself, but I’m sure you’ll have your own contribution to add.

I found this article What Trivial Habit Gives a Giant Boost of Happiness? on’s World of Psychology blog. There’s nothing wrong with idea behind this article at all and I have actually experienced the benefit it talks about. However, if you read the piece, you’ll see I left a comment there. What’s interesting is that my comment has been studiously ignored by all the subsequent commenters. It’s like I farted in church or something.

Ok, I know it was a gratuitously negative comment. And I know that’s the kind of attitude that means I’m now writing a post about depression articles on a site called ‘’, rather than a post called ‘20 surefire ways to wake up happy‘ on a site called ‘‘. But even bearing all of that in mind, read my comment and tell me, am I not just 100% right?

As a Londoner (now exiled) writing in the week of the London riots, I have to say that it makes you question what on earth is going on the minds of some of the perpetrators. One of my friends sent me some film from the BBC that shows a burning building with groups of young men trying to break into the building next door. That next door building was where my friend’s girlfriend lived and the clip actually captures her escaping from her building just as the rioters are breaking their way in. How scary is that?

If anything exemplified the risk taking and abandonment that consitutes some of the signs of depression in young men, then these images surely do. I’m not saying they acted like that, therefore they must all be depressed, but you almost can’t believe that people would act that way unless there was something seriously wrong with them.

Finally, enjoy some of Andre Jordan’s excellent doodles about things his therapist said.

P.S. You’ll find last week’s offering of depression articles here.

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