It Says Here … Depression Articles from Around the Web – 8 August 2011

by Martin

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Are you looking for a guiding light to help you navigate your way through the oceans of online depression and mental health articles?

This is the first of a regular column where I feature articles and other content that I’ve picked up from the web over the last week or so. These are all recommendations for material that I think is worth a look. It may not always be because I agree with the piece or even because I think it is outstanding work, although often that will be the case. The main criteria will be that I think the piece is worthy of comment in one way or another.

I’ll start with this piece on the way exercise operates on depression as we age. The idea is that we get value from exercise as we get older by virtue of the fact that it helps us feel and function better, rather than any impact it has on the way we look. I think I can relate to that.

This piece is contains some frightening stats showing the impact that sexual violence on women has on their mental health. Quite a part from the horrific effects on the women, you’ve got to wonder how many of the perpetrators were depressed men acting out the classic pattern of escalating violence and loss of control.

On an equally depressing note, I found this sad story of a lawyer with depression who comitted suicide. I left some comments there which you can read about the unforgiving nature of legal practice. This is something that I think I need to write more on. I’m pretty sure there are quite a few ‘depression professions’ and I know for a fact that law is one.

Next is a piece about some research that concluded that taking part in positive activities help relieve depression. Is it just me or is this a bit like blowing your own trumpet because you’ve discoverd that eating less leads to weight loss? When they come back with the piece about how to make depressed people actually take part in positive activity, I think I might be more impressed.

Finally, a useful ‘how to’, of the kind I was referring to above, on starting to exercise even when you are depressed.

I’d be glad to hear any suggestions you have for good reading this week. Please add them to the comments below.

By the way, I’ve taken the title for this regular column – “It says here … ” – from a track on Brewing up with Billy Bragg which I also wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, especially if you like your music to speak the truth.

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