The causes of depression – many, varied and hard to pin down

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There are several factors that are generally considered to be causes of depression. But what actually causes depression in any given case may be any combination of some or all of those factors.

The factors that are ordinarily considered to be causes of depression are:

  • Genetic pre-disposition – something in your inherited genetic make-up makes you vulnerable to depression.
  • Physical factors – some physical complaints such as those associated with thyroid disorders or hormonal changes may lead to depression.
  • Chemical imbalance – this involves certain chemicals in the brain (neurotransmitters) that are thought to affect mood. It is believed that in depressed persons one or more neurotransmitters may fail to function as normal. (It is worth noting that whether this is a cause of depression is increasingly being called into question).
  • Stress – prolonged exposure to high levels of stress or an episode or episodes of acute stress can lead to depression.
  • Gender – in simple terms, more women than men develop some kinds of depression, but it is not clear whether this is entirely the result of biological gender differences or whether certain social factors may play a role.
  • Personality – people with certain personality types may be more likely to develop depression than others.
  • Life events – significant and traumatic events such as serious injury, loss or bereavement, especially in childhood, may cause long term changes that can lead to depression.

It is natural, when something is wrong, to want to find out the cause and take the necessary steps to eliminate that cause and prevent it re-occurring. The difficulty with identifying the cause or causes of depression is that it is almost never self-evident which one or more of the possible causes are operative in the individual case. This is especially so as depression will very often creep up over time, rather than occur suddenly.

The articles in this section of the site explore various aspects of these potential causes of depression.


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