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The original artworks used to illustrate are all by the London based artist Martin Grover.

I am very fortunate indeed that he has allowed me to use his work on the site and he has my eternal thanks.

I suppose that it is no surprise that the work of an artist who once had an exhibition entitled ‘Now is the Essential Melancholia’ would be a perfect fit for this website. But, despite this, Martin is a man not obviously given much to melancholy. He is a man of incredible resilience and retains his good humour and positive approach in the face of all challenges.

A graduate of London’s Royal Academy of Art in the 1980s, Martin has been a professional artist (a fine artist mind you, not a commercial artist) ever since.

Can you imagine how hard it is, assuming you’re not Damien Hirst or Tracey Emmin, to try to make a living and raise a family as an artist in London? Somehow Martin had the strength to persist with his art while most of his contemporaries were shelving their artistic dreams and getting well paid jobs.

Now that many of those same contemporaries are disillusioned with their careers and desperately searching for something purposeful to do with their lives (or is that just me?), Martin’s career choice is looking inspired.

O V Wright Leaving West Norwood by Martin Grover, British artist

O V Wright Leaving West Norwood, singing "That's the way I feel about you"

I am the proud owner of two Grover paintings (including the one above) and two prints, and now that I live 12,000 miles away from London, I find Martin’s work more evocative than ever. There is a wonderful disconnect between Sydney, where I now live, and Martin’s South London street scenes. The Grover treatment highlights a depth to London life that I miss immensely and that many non-Londoners may be unaware of. That is probably why his work never fails to catch the attention of visitors to our home.

Martin is gaining increasing recognition for his work and regularly stages very successful shows in London and elsewhere. His work is in collections all around the world, including the US, Australia, Japan (where, from what I can tell, he has his own fan club) and many parts of Europe.

Of course, Martin will hate what I have written about him here, because he is the most modest and self-deprecating man I know. You can see from the paintings featured on this site how original, detailed and keenly observed his work is. Yet I have heard him say many times, in all seriousness, that he thinks that anybody could do what he does.

Believe me, nobody else could do what he does.

He paints a soundtrack to life.

Access Martin Grover’s work

Martin Grover’s works can be viewed at and at the GX Gallery in London between 29 October 2011 and 24 November 2011.

Purchase work from Martin Grover by contacting him here.

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