Sugar and Depression, the Bittersweet Symphony of My Life

by Martin

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Sugar and depression.

These were always two of my closest companions, the one always there picking me up and the other effortlessly dragging me back down.

But it seems now that they might in fact have been closer companions to each other than they ever were to me.

I’ve heard that they could even be an ‘item'; a couple, joined together in mutual destruction, co-habiting – uninvited I might add – in my body.

So, who would have known that sugar may be implicated in causing depression?

Not me. Well not such as I would admit to myself anyway.

I kind of knew that sugar intake supposedly affected mood. But chose not to think it through much further than that and to ignore any advice about cutting down on the basis that it would be too hard.

After all, Sugar has always been one of my go-to comforters whenever depression came calling. Even more so once I managed to kick my nicotine habit.

But when I come to think of it, it was never a true friend. When I turned to it after I stopped smoking, it beckoned me close with its chocolate covered fingers but, in less than a year, it had locked me in the body of a man 10 years older and 30 pounds heavier – and it cost me a fortune in new clothes.

Now it seems that it may have been collaborating all along with those defective genes, those chronic stresses and that negative mindset to land me the lead role in a new production of “The Blues Brother”.

Orange whip, anyone?

Not for me, thanks.

Because, in the interests of randomly trying anything that might work, otherwise known as treatment for depression, I have decided to forego the sweet crystal in all its forms from now on. Or try to at least (he added, upon editing, with a lawyer’s caution).

I’m writing about it here, firstly as a way of trying to make myself stick to the resolution because, believe me, my tooth is very, very sweet and secondly because it might be an exercise worth reporting on.

Of course there’s no science in this ‘experiment,’ as any changes in my mood that do occur could be caused by any number of things, especially as we’re going through a pretty stressful house sale and move at the moment.

Nevertheless, I will try to record the facts as I go through by using the Optimism mood charting tools, so it will also be a good test of that little helper as well.

Stay tuned for what could be a bittersweet experience: Part 2 is here.

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Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve, from the album Urban Hymns

Jackie Wilson – I Get The Sweetest Feeling (Original Version)

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